Overall, when I paint, I try to tell a story, or share my experiences, knowledge, feelings, or curiosity with the viewer.

My current work is a series of mixed media figurative paintings incorporating the human form into microscopic images and imaginary environments. My paintings combine classical drawing with contemporary sensibility.  As I strive for beauty in my work, I am drawn as well to themes of power, freedom and dynamic movement.

My creative process begins with figurative pencil or charcoal sketches from live models or proprietary photographic references. The sketches are digitized and enhanced using the computer as a painting tool, pushing the pixels like paint and creating virtual digital brush strokes.  This original digital imagery is completed by selective application of paint over ink pigment printed on canvas; in other words, the convergence of media.

Many diverse influences shape my work.  I am inspired by the technical skill of Renaissance Masters; Surrealists like Magritte and Dali, who combined dreamlike qualities with their own awareness of the environment; and the spontaneity of contemporary artists who surprise us with unusual visual metaphors.  Lastly, I am enriched by the anatomical and microscopic knowledge I gained from my years as a medical illustrator.

My series of paintings entitled ("Microscopic Art",) reflect my elaboration of the intricate and lovely patterns and forms found in microscopic human anatomy using imaginative colors and sensual, organic shapes. The inherent beauty of the human form at even the cellular level is seen in these images.